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Let's get back to reality and give some space for a kind of a day-to-day comutee rides on our page. Many of us gone lower & wider. But there are tons of cars that for some reason can not keep up with actual trends. I mean not everyone can afford installing widebody, cut arches and rear quarters away. There are guys who actually own "one and only". This E46 is a example. I know this car for about 3 years now. It has evolved a lot. 3-liter diesel engine with uprated blower and fuel management makes it quite happy to run. Avery brilliant blue Matte Metallic wrap still is an eye catcher. But proper shoes were always missing on that car. Honestly i never thought that this ride will ever appear here. Finally this year Max(owner) managed to score a set of 3SDM's 0.06 8.5/9.5J set. Decent concave, some spacers to clear that coils in front and some at the rear axle to equalize that track width. SERGOV picked up a camera and brought us this shots. Not much you can do with E46 body wise. But Max having some Fiberglass fabrication skills is never ending to produce all sorts of lips add-ons, spoilers etc. Latest mod are the E9X series mirrors attached to 46's doors. Purists can buzz off. It's a personal choice. And i like them. Otherwise this is just a daily touring that attracts a lot of views. We want more this kind of a cars to flow around instead of bone stock boring silver, black KIA's. Stay tuned and share your projects with community Write us on FB or email
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